5 Social Media Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Brand


5 Social Media Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Brand

Social media in todays’ digital world have proved to be one, if not the biggest form of interaction and engagement between brands and their tribe (fan). Some major corporations have taken advantage of the social media boom to attract and convert more customers.

However, if social media activities are not carried out in the appropriate manner, this could cost the organisation a lot, and most especially damage its brand reputation.

In this article, we will look at 5 social media mistakes that can hurt your brand and should be avoided at all cost.

1. Using auto responder


One of the biggest social media mistakes a brand makes is trying to automate replies to a client’s enquiry and complaint. The main goal of social media is interaction and auto responder does completely the opposite.

What was meant to be a two way traffic as now become a one way thing. Automation can help productivity and efficiency, but when it comes to social media, it can seem spammy, impersonal and excessive.

In 2013, Kmart was criticized for using this strategy to reply to criticisms about their holiday hours and staffing policies. Using a handful of generic responses didn’t go over well.

While having designed responses in place for frequently asked questions can certainly save you some time, use them with caution. Keep in mind that criticisms, negative feedback and specific questions should generally be met with thoughtful, personalized responses.

2. Promoting your product frequently

Some digital marketer or organisation still carries the old outbound idea of selling! Selling! Selling! To social media.

People don’t like your page or follow you so that you can frequently sell to them. When you do this excessively, you are beginning to lose credibility in the sight of  your tribe.

Social media is all about building healthy relationship with your tribe online, and subsequently they will convert when they need your product.

The 80/20 principle is a good rule of thumb: post engaging, high-value content 80 percent of the time and promote your products no more than 20 percent of the time.


Better yet, try and develop a strategic plan that will move your social media fans and followers into your online marketing funnel — then you never have to directly promote on social media.

3. Buying likes and followers


Having 100 earned genuine followers is far better than 1,000 bought followers. People think social media is a game of numbers. It’s actually a game of influence.

Having an organised tribe of fan who authentically want to hear you and engage with you, is far better than having fake fans will never interact or engage with your page, signalling to social media platform that your content isn’t interesting or valuable to your audience.

This leads to an overall algorithmic decrease in your post reach and visibility. You could also find your account being closed, banned or deleted should such platform you use find out about your schemes.

It’s far better to focus on attracting real, interested fans who will engage with your posts.

4. Not responding properly to negative feedback/comment


Negative feedback and comment will happen. Not everybody will be satisfied with your product and services and if you think you offer the best services in the world. Be rest assured, people will complain.

How you handle this complain and feedback online will make your business or mar you. So many organisation simply ignore complain or better delete. Instead of running away from the challenge, why not turn the situation around in your favour to show the quality of your customer care service.

Always respond thoughtfully and swiftly to any negative comment online. This will help you and improve your brand online reputation as a brand that cares.

5. Hiring an inexperience social media administrator


All the above mistake could probably be avoided if organisation don’t just treat the work of a social media administrator as a job for anybody.

Many companies still expect an inexperienced intern to manage their social media campaigns. The person may have experience in using social media for himself, but handling a company’s social network is a different ball game.

Interns sometimes accidentally post personal tweets and status updates to their company’s social media profiles. This can be disastrous. It is also wrong to assume that one individual will be able to manage it all.

Hire the right people who know about all these major mistakes, and you’ll soon be able to build a brand name.

Are there any other social media mistakes you know that can potentially damage brand reputation? Please, leave your comment below, I will be delighted to hear from you. Cheers!







Damilola Robert
Damilola Robert
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