My Last Day at Media Integra

my last day

Well today is my last day of work!
It’s bittersweet. I do like my job and am very thankful for the opportunities I’ve had over the last year. I have worked with some amazing people and colleagues and am going to miss them.
But the time has come to move forward.
Today is my last day, and though I’m excited about embarking on this new chapter in my life, I’m sad to be leaving some of the people I have spent so much time with over the past one year. From them I’ve learned that we all influence the lives of others, especially those we see on a daily basis. Without some of these people, I don’t think I would be where I am today.
As I bid my farewell to these soon-to-be former colleagues, I want to give a few shout-outs to those who influenced and inspired me. Regardless of whether the act was big or small, each of these individuals did something to impact the time I spent working with them and I’m grateful to have spent time with them. Here are some shout-outs to the people who really made a difference in my day-to-day office experience

Madam Jayne: Thanks for not wanting to accept my resignation the day I told you I wanted to leave. That certainly made me feel appreciated!
Mr Sunkanmi: Thank you for being one of the hardest workers I know. Your workload continues to astound me — as does the 1:30am timestamp I saw an email you sent me last year! It seems like you work around the clock and that dedication and focus is impressive beyond belief. I’m hoping I can mirror a work ethic like that at Rage Media!
Mr Taiwo: Thank you for being so excited about my new career path. Hearing you say the words, “I’m so excited for you!” really makes me even more excited for the journey I’m about to embark on so thank you for that!
Mr Yemi: Thanks for always saying my name whenever you saw me at the office. You would always say “How are you Damilola” when you walked past me or “Thank you, Damilola” when I held the door. That use of my name really made it seem like you guys were paying attention to the world around you, something I always find inspiring.
IK: Thank you for always having a positive attitude and being so helpful and responsive.
Olamide: Thanks for always being the office fashionista and our media boo. However, i also must not forget those early morning breakfast, they really save me loads of cash.
Wisdom: Mamijo Wizzy! Thanks man for always being a source of encouragement. Keep on going (HUSTLE), don’t stop.
Yomi: CBN vice Governor! Thank you for always teasing me and threatening me that my salary will not be paid if I leave Media Integra. You rock man!
Mr Melange: Mr Fine boy. Your love for simplicity should be documented. Thanks for being a great brother and a friend. I will tell the whole world that you refuse to give me a parting gift. Lol
Tubby: Thank you for embracing me as a brother. Those 50 and 100 naira demands I make goes a long way in getting the job done. I will also not forget our time together at the Yellow gala night party.
Simi: I sincerely appreciate your drive for excellence and passion for hard work. However, I am happier about the fact that you now attend COZA. #iCelebrateYou
There’s a certain bittersweetness to it, I had grown much personally and professionally on the job over the last one year. While I am never one to be defined by my profession, I am nevertheless sad to be leaving colleagues that have become fast friends, the camaraderie of the team, even the comfort of knowing that Mr Taiwo is fighting for my paycheck to arrive on time at the end of every month.

On the other hand, new adventures await, memories waiting to be formed, friends to be made and preconceptions debunked, Life awaits!
Change is necessary for growth, and I have been cruising for a little longer than I would have liked now. Change beckons.

Today is my last day at work, but tomorrow, we say goodbye to all things familiar and head out into the unknown.

But anyway, here’s to the final Lagos holdup, the last Adekunle food I’ll eat, lots of Shawama, Team Hangout, friendly hugs, and the endless fun. I will miss the entire Cosse Team.

My next stop is at Rage Media, Abuja. Am excited about exploring the digital opportunity in that environment and sharing experiences and thought with new team members even makes me excited about this new phase. As i look forward to resuming, i also look forward to learning new thing and growing constantly as the digital media profession constantly mandate you to grow with new trends and understand  new consumer behaviour and pattern.

At this end, i will like to appreciate my tribes for constantly believing in me. lets keep on going! Don’t STOP.

Damilola Robert
Damilola Robert
I am a digital marketing consultant and brand developer. I derive pleasure in developing comprehensive brand experiences and digital marketing strategies to successfully engage markets and establish long-term growth.

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